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Officers of the club in 2019-2020

President — Diane Lucas

Chairs and maintains order at meetings.

Delegates jobs to the members (i.e. forming sub-committees for the planning of social events, sales, competitions, outings, etc.).

Acquaints the membership with new initiatives.

Works with the secretary in preparing the agenda for all meetings.

Administers the scholarship.

Prepares club report for annual District Meeting and other events as required.

Assumes responsibility for all advertising and promotion of the club, jointly with another executive.

Vice-President — Patsy Goldsmith

Performs Presidential duties when called to do so by the President.

Secretary — Jenny Swim

Records and maintains minutes of the monthly and annual meetings.

Conducts correspondence and keeps the President informed of all correspondence.

Maintains current rules of the club and makes them available to the membership as requested.

Treasurer — Darlene Hart

Maintains financial records.

Provides a financial report to all executive and business meetings.

Program Director — Deborah Barbour

Plans and co-ordinates the programme for members by engaging speakers for meetings, and reminds speakers one to two weeks prior to the event.

Arranges to have speaker introduced and thanked at close of presentation.

Membership Liaison — Darlene Pettipas

Serves as the contact person for all club members and directs inquiries to the appropriate person.

Maintains an up-to-date list of members.

Organises correspondence and callers regarding upcoming meetings and events.

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