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Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs

The Eastern Shore Garden Club is a member of this association, part of District 4 (Halifax). It is a province-wide association which includes over 50 gardening clubs and affiliated societies. The Scotia Gardener, the NSAGC newsletter, is distributed to members four times per year. Our District Director is Pamela MacLean (pamela.maclean at

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Plant Hardiness Zones in Canada

The Plant Hardiness Zones map outlines the different zones in Canada where various types of trees, shrubs and flowers will most likely survive. It is based on the average climatic conditions of each area. Garden centres and nurseries relate their plants to these zones.

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Melanie Priesenitz, Nova Scotia Region Co-ordinator (guest speaker)

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Lee Valley

Guest speaker on Use and Maintenance of Garden Tools.

Guest speaker Holly Woodill on Pruning.

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Heirloom Roses

Guest speaker, June 2008

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I Can Garden

An excellent repository of gardening resources.

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Online Conversions

An excellent reference for converting just about anything to anything else, from acceleration to weight/mass , in 5,000 units and 50,000 conversions.

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Recreating Eden

The webmaster's favourite gardening television show.

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Dalhousie University's Agricultural Campus

Formerly "NSAC", the Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is a small, vibrant university where students participate and learn applied life sciences and related fields.

See also the Rock Garden and the Master Gardener Training Program.

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The Federal government supports research into crop pests and diseases. Although geared for commercial producers, we home gardeners can benefit from this information.

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Jodi DeLong's blog "Bloomingwriter"

This blog is "Being the adventures of a plant geek living on the windy, rocky edge of the Bay of Fundy." Jodi was one of the speakers at the District Meeting that ESGC hosted.

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The Seed Site

A web site devoted entiry to seeds: collecting, storing, sowing, germinating, and exchanging.

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Canadian Wildlife Federation's Wild About Gardening

Seeded and cultivated by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF), this website is a key component of the CWF's Backyard Habitat Program.

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Fine Gardening, and many, many more.

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